about us

The Bellbird story

The New Zealand Bellbird was described in 1769 by Joseph Banks as having “the most melodious wild music I have ever heard”. Inspired by the sound of the bellbird, we began Bellbird Hearing in 2020 to provide care and attention to those facing hearing loss. From our years of clinical experience, we work through any questions you may have, giving you the best independent advice.

In your visits to us, we find out what matters to you and how we can bring you back to the world of good hearing. Often, it’s the little things that disappear first, at the high or low end of the sound spectrum.

Simple noises like a bird song in the morning may disappear without notice – but they mean a lot to people when they return.

We find talking our clients through their experience means we are able to solve their personal hearing difficulties more accurately.

Independent and 100% Kiwi-owned, Bellbird Hearing is about finding what works best. By talking with our team of audiologists and ear nurses, we can recommend hearing aids and other services best suited to you.

Our executive team

Our executive team have years of combined experience working across every aspect of hearing health. Together, they're what makes Bellbird Hearing the service it is.