Our vision

Bellbird Hearing was established by local clinicians with many years of experience working in every aspect of Audiology and hearing health care throughout Canterbury. 

A committed team, we are dedicated to providing our community with a world class hearing health care service. Ear wax removal is available at our Christchurch clinic.

Friendly and focused, our goal is to achieve the best possible outcomes for all our clients.

We use the latest clinical equipment and operate from a purpose built specialist suburban facility, offering easy access and ample parking.

Experience, expertise, independence, and unbiased advice lie at the heart of our service.

Welcome to Bellbird – Enjoy better hearing today.

The New Zealand Bellbird was described in 1769 by Joseph Banks as having “…the most melodious wild music I have ever heard…”

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We are 100% locally owned and operated and offer a full spectrum of hearing care services.

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Why your hearing is so important to us


Your hearing connects you to family and friends.  To stories, laughter, and community.

Hearing loss builds barriers between you and these things - between you and the people you care about most.

It profoundly impacts your quality of life.

Vision lets us see the world, hearing lets us communicate with the world.

Close your eyes….and you can answer every question, you remain a part of the group.

Close your ears….and you can feel very alone.

The good news is it doesn’t have to be that way!


At Bellbird Hearing we UNDERSTAND

We understand the frustration that hearing loss can cause - for you and your family.


Every person is an individual.

Every life is different.

Your needs, life style and goals are unique.

We treat each person as an individual and tailor each hearing solution to meet your specific needs.

We have the experience and expertise to HELP

Built on years of clinical experience and commitment to patient focused, friendly, best practice we know how to bring you back home to the world of good hearing.

Hearing connects you to the world, let us make the introductions!

What we offer

Ear wax removal (Christchurch only)

We offer a full spectrum service which includes ear wax removal and ear wax management. To ensure the highest level of professional care we employ registered nurses and use industry leading endoscopes.

Communication/lifestyle needs assessment

An in-depth discussion about how hearing loss affects you as well as the impact of a hearing loss for according to current research.

Hearing screening service (free of charge)

This is a baseline measure of your hearing. We are able to confirm the presence or absence of a hearing loss at this appointment. Bellbird Hearing promotes hearing loss awareness and is happy to offer these appointments free of charge for those 18 years and older.

Discussion of treatment options

This is a free appointment where we recommend the most appropriate treatment option. This may include hearing aids with consideration of style, technology and price - all on your terms.

Diagnostic/Full hearing test

A full hearing assessment includes a case history, otoscopic examination, pure tone audiometry, speech testing, tympanometry and acoustic reflex testing. This test method can reveal the source and often the cause of your hearing loss.

A letter outlining the results of the hearing test is always sent to your doctor and/or an Ear Nose and Throat specialist following your appointment. Full Hearing tests are required for medical referrals as well as hearing aid funding applications.

Our Audiologist Sam Sloane, is a full member of the New Zealand Audiological Society and an approved assessor for Ministry of Health, ACC and Veteran's Affairs. He is able to initiate and assist with the application process.

Hearing aid fittings

All hearing aids are fitted using Real Ear Measurements which actually measure the sound output of the hearing aid near your ear drum. This method allows us to ensure the sound of the hearing aids is set to the correct level for your pattern of hearing loss based on performance, comfort and safety.

The Bellbird Hearing difference - we are locally owned; provide convenient ear wax removal services and are able to recommend the best treatment option including the latest hearing aids for you.

Tinnitus assessment

Tinnitus is very common and may stem from a lack of auditory stimulation to the brain. There are no cures for tinnitus currently but there are effective treatment options.
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Where we are


We are conveniently located at 240 Ilam Rd, Christchurch (just off Memorial Avenue towards the University).
We have plenty of off street parking.

Address: 240 Ilam Road, Christchurch
Phone Number: (03) 351 1172
Hours: Monday - Friday
8:30am - 5pm


Address: 245 Otipua Road, Timaru
Phone Number: (03) 683 1545
Hours: Monday - Friday
8:30am - 5pm


You can also fill out the form below with your enquiry and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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